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Offshore drone specialists CHPV

When you boast 50 years’ offshore filming experience you’d better deliver exceptional quality. That’s exactly what UAV experts CHPV offer clients: breath-taking video and photography from Europe’s most experienced offshore media company… Read More

Police investigations, and crowd control drones

The phrase “Eye in the Sky” is taking on a new meaning as law enforcement agencies and police forces around the world are beginning to adopt drone technology to video and photograph crowds, security zones and sensitive incidents.  Read More

Aircraft inspection drones

Maintaining safety standards in the airline industry is of paramount importance. Passengers need to feel safe. Operators need to balance costs with critical maintenance, and drones are now helping to improve the efficiency of aircraft inspections… Read More

King of the Drones

Since drones first took to the skies equipped with a camera, there has been a steady stream of impressive aerial photos posted online. Throw an experienced photographer into the mix and the result is stunning images. Here’s David Hopley’s UAV story… Read More

Incredible drones saving lives

Drones seem to crop up in different parts of people’s lives every day, and in Australia an unmanned aerial vehicle has completed something remarkable – helping to save lives!  Read More

Drone insurance to cover all scenarios

Not all drone insurance cover is the same. When choosing how much cover, or what type to purchase, it can be a big decision, especially when balancing cost against risk. Read More

Buy ‘Per-Day’ Drone Insurance Cover with Coverdrone FlySafe

A 12-month drone insurance policy doesn’t suit every UAV operator. That’s why Coverdrone has introduced a flexible “per-day” option that enables less frequent flyers to purchase cover for between one and seven days. Read More

Delivery drones – will they really take off?

The idea of delivery drones, like autonomous driverless cars and unmanned trains, has caused controversy since they were first mentioned. For ever-demanding consumers, however, being able to get products shipped direct by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is appealing. Coverdrone peeps into the future… Read More

Mission Possible for The Helicopter Girls

Formed in 2012, The Helicopter Girls are not your usual drone team. With a wealth of experience in TV and films, plus hands-on knowledge of UAVs and top-end cameras, these commercial operators deliver stunning aerial images… never shying away from a challenging mission! Read More

Coverdrone has UAV operators covered

Fly Safe. We’ve got you covered. That’s the Coverdrone moto, but how does that translate to real emergencies when you need to make a claim related to your drone? We took a look behind the scenes at the UK’s largest drone insurer… Read More