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Online drone insurance – full policy management system from Coverdrone

Time is precious and drone insurance requirements can differ on a daily basis, so Coverdrone has listened to its customers and introduced online tools to put UAV operators in full control of their policies. Read More

Coverdrone client secures funding for specialist drone research

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry has grown quickly in recent years, and digitally focused companies are now exploring innovative ways to harness the emerging technologies on offer. Read More

Increased use of drones for movie footage

Whether it’s TV shows, news reports or blockbuster movies, the rise of the commercial drone in film production has been dramatic. Flyers worldwide now offer media companies exciting new options to deliver content, and the viewing public are reaping the benefits... Read More

Mountain bikes, chemical plants and dronies!

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have endless possibilities these days, but one commercial drone operator from Manchester (United Kingdom) has introduced a novel “dronie” option to the company’s extensive list of services. Read More

Trust us, because our customers do!

Cherry-picking the best customer reviews is easy, and many firms showcase only the positive feedback posted online by users. Coverdrone is different, linking all reviews hosted by an independent company called Feefo. Read More

Assessing wind turbines at sea using drones

As hazardous occupations go, accessing, climbing and inspecting wind turbines out at sea is one of the riskiest jobs going, but the use of drones is now helping to avoid potential accidents, plus saving time and money. Read More