Coverdrone policies

FlySafe - per day cover

Our unique ‘per-day’ cover provides insurance on a short-term basis, from 1 to 7 days at a time. This is suitable for both commercial and recreational users.

FlySafe on the App Store   FlySafe on the Play Store

Simply download the FlySafe app to your mobile device to get started. The app also provides rich and accurate safety data ranging from airspace maps, dynamic restrictions, environmental conditions, privacy and safety hazards and much more. The app is completely free of charge for Coverdrone customers.

We provide liability insurance and also cover for your drone equipment if you choose. It’s really simple to use and if your insurance cover runs out, simply use the app to purchase extra cover. If you find you are flying fairly regularly, it may be worth considering our annual policy.


  • Short term cover for between 1 and 7 consecutive days.
  • Fully Compliant with EC785/2004
  • Public Liability limits up to £2 million
  • Equipment cover up to £25,000
  • Multiple drones option
  • New for old cover – Full re-statement basis
  • No restrictions on numbers of operators within your organisation
  • Cover for 'high-risk' premises​
  • Access to our market leading flight safety data provided by Altitude Angel 48 hours before your flight time to allow for full preparation.
  • All pricing is available in our app and available before committing to any purchase.
  • Schedule your flights up to 30 days in advance, with full refunds if the flight is cancelled before cover commences.
  • Automatically issued cover notes for use when applying for your permissions with the aviation authorities.
  • Full cover in flight, storage and transit for your specified time period (not all claims occur during flight time!!)


Prepare for anything with our app

Coverdrone per day cover comes with our FlySafe app. It’s is designed to help our customers plan and conduct their drone flights quicker and safer than ever before.

The free companion app offers rich and accurate safety data, helping you fly safely. 

Working with Industry Leaders

We work closely with a number of industry associations, training centres, manufacturers, distributors across Europe to deliver the most comprehensive insurance package available on the market.

In Partnership with Altitude Angel

Altitude Angel is an aviation technology company creating global solutions that enable the safe integration and use of fully autonomous drones into airspace. 

They provide the data that drives our companion Flysafe app