Professional Indemnity Cover Available Up To £5million

The Drone industry changes constantly, with new hardware, stricter regulations and varied user requirements emerging each month. That all adds up to uncertainty, an additional headache operators can do without. With so many different Unmanned Aircraft Systems now in operation, there are a multitude of liability issues that must be addressed. Although most drone owners fly with safety and privacy in mind, users must now consider drone trespassing, harassment and even stalking. It can be a minefield.

At Coverdrone we already offer our clients £50,000 worth of Professional Indemnity Cover – FREE of charge. That’s peace of mind.  Sometimes, though, you need higher limits for particular contract requirements. That has become apparent from conversations with our clients, and meeting those cover needs remains of paramount importance to Coverdrone.

So we are now able to offer cover up to a value of £5,000,000 at extremely competitive and exclusive rates. This covers everything from a serious Invasion of Privacy, to complex Data Protection issues.

If this is something you wish to discuss, or have additional requirements, please contact us immediately.