Common questions about our products

We understand that you may have lots of questions when choosing the right drone insurance policy for you to make sure it fully meets your requirements and expectations.

So, we asked our Support Team to give answers to the most common questions they receive from our customers about our products and what they cover, allowing you to easily check their suitability against your own needs.

The CAA has provided some clarification of a commercial flight and you must obtain a commercial policy unless your flight is for “sport or recreational purposes only”. A recreational flight would not include paid work whether that is direct or indirect, such as imagery being used on another organisation’s website or social media. If you are happy that you are not operating commercially, you can opt for recreational cover only.

It’s also worth noting that a commercial drone insurance policy will also cover any recreational use.

Check out our “What type of drone user are you?” blog for further information.

Your equipment would be covered up to the sums insured limit you selected when taking out the policy. Equipment is insured on an ‘all- risks’ basis, which includes cover for theft, accidental damage and accidental loss (this is where the drone is unrecoverable, i.e. flyaway or loss over water). What’s more, you will be covered whilst the drone is in flight, storage and transit, giving you complete protection and peace of mind. 

We do not specifically set any minimum training requirements when offering insurance cover. Our policy just stipulates that you must be flying legally and compliantly.

An additional insured is a person or business that needs to be covered by your insurance policy in addition to you. This might be needed when there is a contractual obligation to provide insurance cover to the other party, such as a client/customer who you are providing drone services to. By adding them as an additional insured, the other party would also be protected from liability claims arising from your operations.

An additional pilot, by comparison, is a drone operator who works for your business.

Good news! Additional insureds can be added to a commercial drone insurance policy for no extra charge.

If you have personally taken out liability cover, you will automatically be covered to fly someone else’s drone.

You also have the option to insure someone else’s drone and equipment under your own Coverdrone policy by adding it as ‘hired-in’ (non-owned) equipment. Please note, you will need to have a hiring agreement in place with the owner of the drone for cover to be effective.

No, family members will not automatically be insured to fly your drone under your insurance policy. They will therefore need to obtain their own liability insurance to protect against any potential claims for bodily injury or property damage to third parties. For greater protection, they also have the option to insure your equipment under their own insurance policy, by adding it as ‘hired-in’ (non-owned) equipment.

If you are aged between 13-17 years old, you can be covered to operate a drone that is insured under a policy taken out by your parent or guardian, on the condition that the policyholder is supervising you at all times during the operation of the equipment.

We do not restrict the number of drones that can be added to a policy. 

We do not restrict the number of operators/pilots we can cover on our commercial drone insurance policies. Our commercial drone insurance is designed to insure you as a business, and will automatically cover any ‘authorised operators’ approved by and working in connection with you.

We would class an ‘authorised operator’ as a person who is operating, controlling or piloting the drone and is:

  1. properly trained and qualified to do so, and holds all the required certification;
  2. under test conditions and in the presence of a qualified examiner; or
  3. practicing their flights on their own before they take their test flight.

At Coverdrone, we do not work on an aggregated limit basis. So, if you chose this option, you would be covered up to a maximum limit of indemnity of £1,000,000 for each claim you make during the period of cover.

At Coverdrone, we know everyone uses their drones differently and believe you should only pay for what you actually need. That’s why we offer flexible periods of cover from as little as one day to a full year, allowing you to choose a policy duration that suits your own needs.

No, not at all. There is no specific requirement to insure your drone and equipment, just a minimum insurance requirement to have liability insurance if you fly commercially.

However, we all know that accidents do happen and many operators opt to also insure their drone and equipment to give them added protection and peace of mind.

Absolutely! We know it’s quite common for customers’ circumstances to change, or for new equipment to be purchased during the period of cover. Amendments can either be made directly through your Online Account or by contacting the Support Team for assistance.

Once you have got your quote online, you can pay for your policy and either start cover straight away or choose a start date up to 30 days in advance. All quotations provided are also valid for 30 days.

All Coverdrone insurance policies offer worldwide cover, subject to certain excluded territories. You must however comply with the local/national aviation regulations to be covered. What’s more, you will be insured whether the drone is in-flight, in storage or in transit.

No, we just ask that you fully comply with the local/national aviation regulations.

Yes, accidental loss is covered. This would also cover a drone flyaway.

Our insurance products have always been designed for and specifically with drone operators in mind. If you are looking to get insurance cover for a model plane, we recommend that you source alternative cover that is bespoke for model planes as this will be better suited to your own needs.

Yes, absolutely! You would just need to specify at the time of taking out a quote with us that the drone is custom built. It’s also important to note that in the event of a claim, we would only be able to reimburse you for the cost of any replacement parts (on proof of receipts), not for your time to rebuild or what valuation you personally place on the drone and believe it to be worth.

Of course! You may find the answer to your question on our Frequency Asked Questions page. Alternatively, our friendly and expert team are always on hand to provide support and answer any queries you have. You can call us on +44 (0)1270 448 998 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday or email us at