Specialist drone insurance

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Fully compliant with EC 785/2004

The biggest and the safest

Coverdrone is the biggest insurer of commercial drones on the market. That’s a bold statement, but what does it mean to you? Well, it means that plenty of people are delighted with their quotes and the service they receive. Our customers stay with us, and they also refer us to other businesses. Take a look at what our customers are saying about Coverdrone on Feefo reviews. That’s a genuine, independent review service, you can trust it, just as you can put your faith in us. We are the biggest and the longest established.

About Coverdrone

Coverdrone was the first in the industry, to offer specialist cover.

Coverdrone was the first Insurer to offer specialist cover to commercial drone Operators in the UK – a fully comprehensive aviation insurance product for the unmanned aircraft (drone) industry. We offer bespoke protection, including full cover whilst in flight, aviation liability, data protection and invasion of privacy, plus many other additional features. Since then we have expanded our product availability to various countries across the world.

Whatever you label your drone, we cover it - and the terminology is growing. Whether that’s an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA), Unmanned Aircraft (UA), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS), we can advise what insurance cover is right for you and your business.

Most important, we give you complete peace of mind. Coverdrone is fully compliant with EU regulation EC785/2004.

Where we cover

Take your drone with you where ever you go.

Coverdrone offers worldwide cover, meaning you can take and operate your drone anywhere in the world. Subject to certain excluded territories.

Our cover extends beyond just flying your drone, but also includes storing and transporting your equipment.

No overpaying, or underinsuring.

We only base quotes on what you need to insure. No rigid categories, or caveats. We just make sure that you are covered for all eventualities relevant to your flying operations. No overpaying, or underinsuring.

No sales scripts. Just helpful advice.

You need to make a claim; no problem. You want those technical policy details explained in plain English; we’ll jump at the opportunity. Whatever your requirement we always aim to deliver a 5-star service. Consistency is key when we help our clients. So you always speak to the same person when you need to check your account. No lengthy sales scripts. Just helpful advice.

FlySafe app, exclusive to Coverdrone clients.

Our companion app (available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices) delivers rich and accurate safety data ranging from airspace maps, dynamic restrictions, environmental conditions, privacy and safety hazards and even the location of much of the low-flying manned aviation traffic, straight to the palm of your hand.