Commercial FAQ's

Answers to common questions

Why do I need to register?

The registration is free and it creates your Coverdrone account so that you can log back in later to choose a period of cover. At registration we will also issue you with a notification for your aviation authority, which will allow you to apply for your permissions.

Can you insure A2 CofC and GVC operators?

As long as you are flying within the new rules and regulations and have any relevant permissions/qualifications/licences that are required then our policy will cover you. The insurance regulation EC785/2004 has not changed, so it is therefore still a legal requirement to obtain a commercial drone insurance policy if you are undertaking commercial operations

Am I a commercial or recreational operator?

The CAA have provided some clarification of a commercial flight and you must obtain a commercial policy unless your flight is for "sport or recreational purposes only". A recreational flight would NOT include paid work whether that is direct or indirect (such as imagery being used on another organisations website or social media). If you are happy that you are not operating commercially then you can select for recreational cover only. The full wording supplied by the CAA can be found here on page 42 of CAP393.

Can I insure my drone for less than 12 months?

Yes, once registered, you will be able to choose from either 1-6 days, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. When you period of cover expires just log back in to choose another period.

When can I start my policy cover?

Once registered, you can start cover straight away, our quotations are valid for 30 days so you can choose any start date up to 30 days in advance.

I’ve made a claim, what happens to my policy?

Your policy remains in full force until the expiry date, irrespective of whether or not you have made a claim. If you’ve had replacement equipment as part of your claim, you will need to add the details of your new equipment to your policy to ensure you are still covered. You can do this by updating the equipment details in your Online Account or by emailing us at

Can I amend my policy during the period of cover?

Yes of course. If you need to add/remove a drone, adjust your equipment cover, alter your liability limits, or anything else, just get in touch and we will amend your policy and issue new documents to you as necessary.

Do I have to insure my drone and equipment?

No, you can choose to insure for just liability only if you wish. You can always add any equipment onto the policy at a later date if need be.

Do you cover the drone when it is in flight?

Yes. We cover the drone whilst it is in flight.

If I buy another drone during the period of cover can I add that to my policy?

Yes of course. Just let us know the details of the new equipment and we’ll add it to your policy.

Are there any restrictions regarding the number of flying hours?

No. You can operate your drone(s) as much or as little as you like.

Does the policy cover the drone and my other equipment whilst in transit?

Yes, your equipment is fully covered, whether in transit, in storage or in flight.

Can I operate someone else’s drone?

You can insure someone else’s drone under your Coverdrone policy by adding it as ‘hired-in’ (non-owned) equipment. You will need to have a hiring agreement with the owner of the drone.

Can you insure the Emergency Services?

Yes, we are able to offer policies to the Emergency Services.

Are there any restrictions for high-risk premises or flying indoors?

No, we just ask that you fully comply with the local/national aviation regulations.

Do you provide any cover whilst in training?

Yes, as standard our policies would cover an operator whilst carrying out training/practice flights.

Can you provide cover when we use the drone abroad?

Yes, we provide worldwide cover subject to certain excluded territories. Please ensure that you comply with any local/national aviation regulations.

Where is my drone insured?

With our Coverdrone policy, your drone is covered anywhere in the world subject to certain excluded territories.

How do I obtain the permission from the CAA in the UK?

With the new drone regulations in place from December 31st 2020 the permissions/qualifications required will change depending on the category you are flying in. The qualifications within these categories are as follows: CAA Flyer ID, A2CofC and the GVC. For assistance please see the CAA's website to help you identify the category and qualifications required for your operations. The A2CofC and GVC courses are provided by CAA approved RAE’s, a list of these can be found here.

Can you cover more than one drone on one policy?

Yes, we can cover as many drones as required on one policy, just let us know the details and we will add them to your cover.

Can you cover more than one Operator on one policy?

Yes, there is no restriction to the number of Operators we can cover on one policy. Your Coverdrone policy insures the business and so you can add as many Operators and drones as you like.

Who is able to purchase a Coverdrone policy?

Coverdrone is for commercial and recreational operators, and we can cover anyone based in the UK, EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. As we continue to enhance our offering, further territories will be announced shortly.

Is cover provided for flying over water and offshore?

Yes, we just ask that you fully comply with the local/national aviation regulations.

Will I be covered for a flyaway or disappearance?

Yes, policy coverage would extend to disappearance which would include the term ‘flyway’.

Am I covered if I fly at night?

Yes, we just ask that you fully comply with the local/national aviation regulations.

Can someone else fly my drone?

Yes, if they are fully qualified, working for your business, and they are included under your Operations Manual.

I own a Training Centre; can I still use Coverdrone?

Yes, we work with many Training Centres offering bespoke policy wordings, which covers them for all their activities.

Are you able to offer discounts?

We work hard to keep our premiums as low as possible, whilst also maintaining a high level of cover. We don’t offer specific discounts, but instead choose to offer all our clients our best prices.

Can you provide employers liability insurance?

Yes, we can provide employers liability insurance as long as you have a Coverdrone policy. Please get in touch for this additional cover.

Can I pay monthly?

We do offer a payment plan for clients based in the UK purchasing annual cover, this consists of 12 monthly instalments and details will be provided to you with your quotation.

What are the excluded territories?

Worldwide cover is provided as standard subject to the following excluded territories, if you need to operate your drone(s) in any of the following territories please contact us for a quote:

North Korea, Iran, Russia, Crimea, Ukraine and Belarus, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Nagorno-Karabakh, North Caucasian Federal District, Somalia, The Republic of Sudan, South Sudan, Burundi, Cabinda, Central African Republic, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mauritania, Georgia, Pakistan

Any country where the operation of the insured Aircraft is in breach of United Nations sanctions.