Everything you need to know about Heliguy

Coverdrone offers affordable insurance policies to a range of commercial drone operators, but we also provide essential cover to the all-important flight centres that ensure pilots are qualified and flying safely. Heliguy have been a valued Coverdrone customer for several years, as well as working closely together in terms of … Read More

Why do I legally need drone insurance?

Within the UK, commercial drone operators must be properly insured, and more specifically comply with regulation EC785/2004. Without the right commercial insurance, you will not be granted your Civil Aviation Authority, PFCO. Here at Coverdrone however, we understand that rules and regulations can be a tricky matter to understand. We … Read More

A Beginners Guide to Drone Photography

There is no doubt to say that drones are one of the most wonderful advancements of technology. It has never been so accessible to capture imagery of some of natures most beautiful (and sometimes hard to reach) places. However, flying a drone in itself can be a challenging task, let … Read More

Everything you need to know about Hummingbird UAV

As the UK’s leading commercial drone insurance provider, Coverdrone has formed key partnerships with the best training centres that the UK has to offer, one of which is Hummingbird UAV. Hummingbird Helicopters was established in 2016 by Captain Matt Rake. Captain Matt Rake is an experienced pilot with over 4000 … Read More

Contingency planning for drone projects

Commercial UAV operators need to keep their aircraft flying. Clients don’t like excuses and although Coverdrone insurance is there to help with the financial burden of a claim, contingency planning will give everyone reassurance that projects can be completed. Many drone businesses boast a fleet of small unmanned aircraft. As … Read More

Coverdrone at Commercial UAV Show November 2018

We are very excited to be attending for the fifth consecutive year the Commercial UAV Show from 14th – 15th November 2018 at the ExCel, London. The Commercial UAV Show is Europe’s largest exhibition and sponsored conference for commercial UAV professionals which brings people together from across Europe and beyond. Read More

Introducing Coverdrone’s new Marketing Manager: Jess Brown

As the UK’s leading provider of worldwide commercial drone insurance,  we have expanded our team via the appointment of our new Marketing Manager – Jess Brown. Jess, formerly employed at Bentley Motors Ltd, will join our team at Coverdrone who boast over ten years of experience in dealing with drone … Read More

Drones with artificial intelligence

The use of smartphones, the Internet of Things and better data connection speeds are opening up new opportunities for commercial drone operators. But how does artificial intelligence help drones? Read More

EU pushes new rules for drones

The daily Brexit debates continue, but Members of the European Parliament have backed a revision of aviation safety rules to ensure that the future use of drones is safe for everyone across Europe. Read More

Making the claim process easier for drone users

When the unthinkable happens and you or your drone are involved in an incident that requires a claim to be handled, it can be frustrating if you are kept waiting. Time is money. Coverdrone tries to make the process easy to follow…  Read More

Drone use increasing in construction

The widespread use of commercial drones across many industries is reported daily, but a recent study has found that UAV growth in the construction sector is accelerating fastest. Read More

Send in the insurance assessor drones

Sometimes just flying drones isn’t enough. Throw two experienced cinematographers into the mix and you get Echo Alfa, a dynamic combination that offers clients a creative aerial twist…  Read More