Guest blogs

Send in the insurance assessor drones

Sometimes just flying drones isn’t enough. Throw two experienced cinematographers into the mix and you get Echo Alfa, a dynamic combination that offers clients a creative aerial twist…  Read More

TV role for UAS Flight Ops drones

Surveillance photography can offer clients a range of covert services, but there’s no hiding place when you provide outstanding footage for Channel 4’s Hunted programme. Coverdrone chats to commercial drone operator Jason Woodcock from UAS Flight Ops… Read More

Drone Safe Register promoting UAV best practice

The Drone Safe Register (DSR) is a community hub for commercial UAV operators. From drone loans and hardware deals, Coverdrone insurance discounts, and links to CAA-approved training - it’s all about promoting best practice for small unmanned aerial vehicles… Read More

Showcase your drone business with Coverdrone

Are you a Coverdrone client? Would you like to tell everyone about your drone business, the kind of commissions you take on, the varied work that presents itself, and the pleasure you get from flying and filming? Coverdrone provides outstanding insurance cover for commercial drone operators around the world, and… Read More

Drone flying with a feminine touch

Commercial drone operators come from all industry backgrounds, but the UAV scene is still largely male-dominated. Coverdrone client Carys Kaiser bucks that trend. She has always been a fan of new technologies, and that passion eventually saw her extend her many talents to drone flying. A northern girl at heart, work in… Read More

Meet Peter Milner From The Phoenix UAV Centre

Coverdrone offers affordable insurance policies to a range of commercial drone operators, but we also provide essential cover to the all-important flight centres that ensure pilots are qualified and flying safely. The Phoenix UAV Centre in Somerset has been a valued Coverdrone customer for several years. So our latest… Read More

Take-off for British Bake-off

Commercial drone operators expect to take some spectacular aerial images, but few would hope that their footage would be seen by nearly ten million TV viewers each week. Now a regular series, Coverdrone takes a look at one of our clients, Fergus Kennedy, owner of Skylark Aerial Imaging, who has… Read More

When disaster strikes!

Exciting, challenging, innovative and immensely rewarding, everything about flying a UAV for a living makes you smile. Put simply, it has to rank as one of the best jobs going. However, operating a commercial drone takes great skill, patience and – at times – a little daring, especially… Read More

Dragon’s Eye View

Coverdrone offers insurance to commercial drone operators from many different industries, and the varied workload never ceases to amaze us. Kicking off a new series of interviews with some of our many valued clients, we chatted with Simon from Dragon’s Eye Filming about how he got into the drone… Read More

A day in the life of Spider Aerial Filming

So, a day in the life of Spider Aerial Filming you ask? Well, what more can we say to sum it up. Being one of the most prominent names in aerial filming, we’re constantly out doing what we do best and loving the various opportunities that are thrown at us. Read More

Global Drone Surveys Big Lift Brief

Global Drone Surveys were recently contacted by Pedro of wondering whether we would be able to capture aerial footage of an 85 tonne steel support being lifted into place by Newport based AIC Steel. Pedro was making a documentary about the building work and was very keen for aerial footage to… Read More

Extreme Droning with Aerialworx

Extreme Droning…. Sounds like the sort of thing we suffered as teenagers from an irate mother, constantly nagging to tidy my bedroom or do the chores…. Or was that just me! At the time our company Aerialworx was relatively new on the market having only recently received our… Read More