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We have included a selection of links to third party organisations that we feel will be useful to drone operators.

UK Training Centres

Based in Oxfordshire, Aerial Motion Pictures is a one-stop shop for all things drone, able to provide the latest UAV equipment as well as training and full CAA commercial certification. As a National Qualified Entity, AMP offers a new, streamlined route to getting a PfAW with its highly-regarded ICARUS training courses taught by an extremely experienced team of ex-military helicopter instructors and professional drone operators. AMP strives to offer stellar customer service and absolute professionalism, with a motto of increasing safety through education

Commerical UAV Academy (CUAVA) is a full National Qualified Entity (NQE) and will equip you with the knowledge you need to gain the CAA-approved Cambridge Academy Proof of Competency (CAP-C) certificate and legally pilot a UAV on a commercial basis. With a range of course options and their money-back pass guarantee you’ll be gaining invaluable industry insight from some of the most experienced UAV operators in the business. CUAVA provide intensive two-day UAV ground school courses, as well as in-house training and distance learning courses, delivering the training and assessment required to achieve the CAP-C certificate. They’ll train you for the exam and will review and approve your operations manual post-course. Once this is complete, they’ll then assess your practical flying skills through a test at their private airfield at a later date. All of CUAVA’s course instructors are seasoned professional pilots, with a wealth of commercial experience – both on the ground and in the air – to pass on to their students

COPTRZ are one of the UK’s leading commercial drone solution providers. COPTRZ exist to enable businesses and governmental organisations to get the most from drone technology. To date, COPTRZ has helped over 1000 businesses to access the benefits of drone technology, providing cheaper, faster and safer operational capability. By providing you with a complete solution, through best-in-world drones (also known as UAVs), payloadssoftwaretraining and consultancy to deliver the best possible drone strategy for your organisation. Contact COPTRZ to revolutionise your organisation with drones.

Flyby Technology in association with Pilotwise International Ltd, has nearly 40 years experience of training system design and delivery for over 20 air forces worldwide. All instructors are ex-military pilots, and each has thousands of hours of experience training fighter and helicopter pilots. We have over 100,000 flying hours of hard-won experience in dynamic and rapidly changing situations. We want to pass on that experience to you and we believe that pilots need to be trained by pilots. We have unique training materials and courseware that will enable us to guide you towards gaining your PFAW, using the best instruction and training delivery to be found anywhere in the aviation industry. We will make it exciting and fun. We will share our knowledge and our experience to enable you to pass out as a truly safe, effective and legally compliant drone pilot. Our customers benefit from being taught the skills and attitudes that any pilot needs to fly safely and with confidence.

Hummingbird UAV are a CAA approved NQE with instructors and assessors who are both Commercial Helicopter Pilots and Commercial Drone Pilots. With over 30 years of manned and unmanned aviation experience between us, our knowledge and instruction is second to none. The Permission for Commercial Operation course is taught in an informal, enjoyable and professional environment. As well as the PfCO course, specialist and bespoke UAV bolt-ons are also available including photography, emergency services and rail. 

Phoenix UAV Centre is a specialist flight training and general UAV services company. Phoenix carry approval from EuroUSC™ to provide flight training for the Basic National UAS Certificate – Small Unmanned Aircraft (BNUC-S™) for Rotary aircraft.

Resource Group has been accredited as a National Qualified Entity (Small Unmanned Aircraft)- NQE (SUA) by the CAA. This approval permits Resource Group’s Unmanned Aviation Services division to assess and provide recommendations to the UK CAA for pilot competency, and verify that organisations meet the CAA requirements for Permissions to Operate.

RUSTA, is owned by Rheinmetall Technical Publications UK with facilities in Bristol and Blackpool. RUSTA is a CAA-approved National Qualified Entity operating in the UK and delivering courses for the award of Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW). RUSTA offers training courses at a number of UK locations as well as being able to deliver courses at the customer’s premises if required. RUSTA recognises the individual needs of its customers and is willing to modify its training accordingly. The driving principle behind RUSTA is to establish ‘Training for Safe Operation’.

UAVAir is a CAA Approved NQE; our training designed by airline pilots & professional drone operators, bringing the best of both worlds together. The combined knowledge of the executive training team comprises of over 40 years of flying, 20,000 commercial hours, 8 years in the civilian drone industry including hundreds of sub-20kg drone operations. Our external instructors are current practising PFAW operators. We offer solutions not only to get you qualified with our unique 3-day course held across the UK but also bespoke b2b industry options, utilising excellent UAV training facilities in Europe, leveraging our exclusive agreement with the ATLAS centre in Spain.

Uplift Drones provides CAA-approved commercial drone training and market-leading drone equipment supply. As a UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved National Qualified Entity (NQE) they are approved to deliver both online and in-person CAA PfCO training and assessment towards the CAA PfCO. Uplift Drones was founded in 2016 out of a passion for unmanned aircraft and the solutions they can bring business and industry. Whether it’s doing it safer, quicker or just in a way that was not possible before, drones are changing many sectors from media production to structural inspection to surveying. Contact Uplift Drones today to learn how drone technology can evolve your commercial operations.


3iC provides simple and flexible PfCO training in the UK. 3iC has been accredited by the CAA as a National Qualified Entity and benefits from many years of experience in manned and unmanned commercial operations and business environments. The company was founded to bring the best of these worlds together and focus on the exciting and rapidly growing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry. 3iC’s core team members have wide and deep experience in the safety critical aviation industry. We provide our clients with Safety focused professional drone training, consultancy and operational support

European Training Centres

Safe Drone are an Irish (IAA) & European (EASA) unmanned aircraft and drone training facility. Safe Drone is an Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) approved Registered Training Facility (RTF) for UAS/drones. With approval number IRL/RTF/U010-16, we are authorised to provide UAS/drone training in accordance with the respective Irish & European syllabi. In operation over 4 years (as of March 2019) Safe Drone have refined and developed our core subject matter breaking the theory down into a course that is manageable, engaging and informative and catered for in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 


Heliguy are a multi award-winning drone supply, support and training organisation. A CAA Approved NQE, Heliguy offer industry-leading drone training at a range of locations across the UK. Heliguy also have a DJI-trained technical support department and a research & development arm to help your organisation prototype and develop products. Our experienced, UK based team provide a wealth of specialist knowledge and are on hand to advise you on the ideal drone setup for your application. Whether you’re a hobbyist or need a commercial drone, Heliguy are here to help. We are a Platinum DJI Dealer in the UK.


ARPAS-UK are the UK’s leading professional RPAS association and are the only non-commercial professional body, solely representing SUA operators and manufacturers in the UK. The Association has no commercial interests; all income is used to further the interests of the membership and to ensure that the industry remains fair, safe and open. ARPAS-UK and its members believe that using a SUA commercially should be both safe and legal. The Association supports a culture of best practice and promote s the highest levels of professionalism amongst all its members.

Drone Safe Register™ (DSR) is the UK’s leading drone hire website. With exceptional coverage across the nation, DSR makes the process of locating a safe and legal drone pilot quick and easy. All DSR drone pilots have all been pre-checked for CAA approval and valid commercial insurance, making the platform the safest place to locate a legal commercial drone pilot. Launched in 2015, DSR heavily markets their approved pilots to anybody looking to hire a safe and legal drone pilot.  No matter what the aerial service required, DSR has nationwide drone pilots available for hire. 

Drone use is growing at a rapid rate in the UK and our skies are some of the busiest anywhere in the world. is designed to help ensure that drone users in the UK can easily access the information they need about how to fly their drones safely and legally, without endangering others.

The CAA is the UK’s specialist aviation regulator. Through its skills and expertise it is recognised as a world leader in its field.

Information has been provided by the relevant body or organisation and we recommend that you contact them to clarify their services further.

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