Air Bourne Drones Ltd Launch New Product – Bumpcage

Air Bourne Drones Ltd, a father and son team based in Droitwich, Worcestershire, have recently introduced to the drone market their first product which is designed to aid drone pilots who carry out close proximity work, such as internal building inspections, and provides protection for the drone. The Bumpcage, designed and built in the UK, weighs a mere 130g and takes less than twenty seconds to fit. It is currently compatible with Phantom 4 drone’s; however, Air Bourne Drones Ltd are currently work on cages for the Mavic 2 and Inspire 2.

Pete Bourne, Director of Airbroune Drones Ltd, states:

“A bonus of utilising the Bumpcage is the dynamic enhancement and improvement of stability. It is the only cage that has an un-obscured camera view, as the frame structure is not in view of the camera during close proximity inspection work. The Bumpcage also has the added benefits of take-off and landing ability, prolonged flight time and visual enhancement. Air Bourne Drones Ltd have built the Bumpcage to act as a platform for future add-ons such as additional lights and speakers for example.”

Bumpcage enables Phantom 4 operators to carry out tasks such as emergency crowd control, temporary CCTV surveillance, high level pest control, aerial advertising, destruction of weeds in high places and after dark aerial light shows. It is currently only available for direct purchase from Air Bourne Drones Ltd by contacting

Robert Fisher, a customer of Bumpcage, comments on the product:

“After successful trials, GeoAccess purchased two of Air Bourne Drones BUMPCAGE. The design and build quality is superb and the robustness of the cage has been proven frequently. At only 130 grams the BUMPCAGE has no effect on the performance of our Phantom 4 drones. The additional level of safety the BUMPCAGE delivers means we can operate in environments that previously would not have been possible. A fantastic piece of kit – highly recommended!”

For further information in regards to the Bumpcage and contact information can be found on the Air Bourne Drones Ltd website.