Drones Impacting Climate Change

Drones are recently having a substantial effect on how climate change is being studied and how we can reduce its impacts. Below we have listed five ways in which drones are affecting climate change for the better! Collecting Data When required, drones can be outfitted with a range of sensors… Read More

CAA Launches ‘Innovation Sandbox’

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has launched a virtual space to enable innovators to safely test new technology and bring their new aviation/travel products and services to the market. The space is called the ‘Innovation Sandbox’ which will prepare the CAA to develop a better understanding of innovations… Read More

GEO Business Exhibition 2019

On Tuesday 21st May, Jess our Marketing Manager, attended the GEO Business Exhibition at the Business London Design Centre. The GEO Business Exhibition is the largest geospatial show in the UK and welcomes visitors from all over the world with 200 of the world’s leading suppliers of geospatial… Read More

Human Factors That Can Affect Your Drone Flight

As our highest cause of claims is due to pilot error, it is important that you as a drone pilot, are aware of the elements that can cause failure to perform to a satisfactory standard. Within this blog post we will be discussing the main mechanisms of human performance that… Read More

Drone Safe Register’s Professional Members Business Meeting

Coverdrone are delighted to have been invited to attend and present at the second Drone Safe Register (DSR) Professional Members Business Meeting which is being held at the Gatwick Aviation Museum on 19th June 2019. DSR provide a national, searchable database containing the contact details and profiles of… Read More

Could Drones Power Your Home One Day?

Recently, a growing number of companies have announced that they believe that drones could be a viable way to tackle the stronger and more consistent high-altitude winds. According to recent figures from the US Energy Information Administration, in 2018 wind power generated five times more electricity than in 2008… Read More

The Use Of Drones In Local Government

According to research by the Telegraph, more than twenty councils have been granted approval by the Civil Aviation Authority to use drones for commercial purposes. Councils can utilise the technology for a range of enforcement activities; including inspecting poor roofing work by rogue traders, flying over open land looking… Read More

Drone Delivers Organ To Transplant Patient

For the first time, a drone has delivered a kidney to a transplant patient in Maryland, America. The patient, who had waited eight years for a donor, received a successful transplant after a 10 minute (2.7-mile test flight) a few hours after the delivery. The US flight required a specially-designed… Read More

Drones Benefiting Society

Over the last few weeks, the news has been full of people discussing the way in which drones are currently being utilised to benefit society. From finding missing people to tracking and stopping fires, we have collated some of the recent stories in which drones have been used in fantastic… Read More

First Home Delivery Drone Service Launched

After five years of test flights, the very first home delivery drone service has been launched in Australia by Wing, a company owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet. The company will deliver takeaway food, coffee and medicines by drone to roughly 100 homes in Canberra. This follows Australia’s… Read More

Coverdrone At The Commercial UAV Expo Europe

From Tuesday 9th April to Wednesday 10th April, Coverdrone attended, for the third year running, the Commercial UAV Expo Europe. Situated at the RAI Amsterdam, the event welcomed approximately 1000 visitors consisting of speakers, exhibitors and attendees from all corners of the globe. The purpose of the event was… Read More