Droneklubben In Partnership With Coverdrone

Since August 2020, Coverdrone have been in partnership with Droneklubben: a Norwegian drone club for drone pilots and enthusiasts from all backgrounds.

What is Droneklubben?

Founded in 2014, Droneklubben is a non-profit independent organisation. They work solely to promote the members’ common interests without an aim to make profit from their members. In a safe and inclusive atmosphere, it is a great community for people to connect and share their expertise, passion and interest for unmanned aircraft.

Eirik Lingaas Marthinsen, the CEO of Droneklubben, spoke about the benefits of joining the online community. He said: “You can explore your skills and find the range of opportunities that it can bring you and your ideas further into a global business world.

“We have a Facebook community with over 11k members. We are active on social media and on our Instagram page (@Droneklubben) we share drone pictures from Norway.

Droneklubben have continued to flourish over the recent years and continue to do so as more members join their online community.

“We are always aiming to become better we love feedback from our members to see how we can improve.


Being a member of Droneklubben entitles you to exclusive benefits within the drone industry.


Eirik said about the Coverdrone partnership: “The collaboration is related to the members getting the most out of being a part of the club.

“We have discounts for both registered and signature members.”

Andrew Heath, Director of Coverdrone, said: “Over the last ten months, we have seen the growth of Droneklubben. 

“Each member of the community has been courteous, polite and professional in our experience to date with the partnership. This speaks volumes for the organisation itself and the type of members that the community attracts,

“We very much look forward to continuing to develop our partnership over the coming years.”

Droneklubben logo in partnership with Coverdrone

Would you like to join?

You don’t need to live in Norway to become a member, you can live anywhere in the world! Droneklubben are currently working on an English version of their community for non Norwegian speakers. If you would like to become a member of Droneklubben, you can apply for a free membership on their website.

Contact Information

If you wish to contact Droneklubben to find out more, check out their Facebook page or, email: post@droneklubben.no