How To Make Sure That Your Equipment Is Covered Correctly

When filling out our quote form, we ask you to separate your airborne equipment and ground equipment. The reason we do this is because ‘airborne’ equipment is considered to be a higher risk than equipment that will only ever be used on the ground. If you are able to separate your airborne and ground equipment it is more cost effective.

Different types of equipment

Airborne equipment is classified as any equipment that is flown in the air, whereas ground equipment is any item that remains on the ground at all times. If you have purchased your drone as a bundle (i.e.with the controller also), and do not have a split between airborne and ground equipment, it is fine to put the total value into the airborne section of the policy. In this instance the policy will cover you for both situations.

If you do have a split, then it is fine to enter the ground equipment value into that particular section and deduct the appropriate amount from the airborne section. In this instance the ground value would not be insured in the air. With regards to ground equipment, we are able to insure any associated equipment, including (but not limited to): laptops, tablets, cameras etc.

Hired-in equipment cover

It is also important to remember that we can also cover any hired-in equipment that your business may require, i.e. any equipment that is not owned by yourself or the business. You would enter the value of this equipment into the ‘non-owned’ equipment section. We can even send an email to the hiring company confirming your insurance cover – simply add the hirer’s email address into this section if you would like us to do this.

How do I insure my drone if it is no longer available

In the event of a total loss, we will replace your drone on a new-for-old replacement basis. If your drone (or other equipment) is no longer available to purchase (i.e. because it has been superseded by a later model), we recommend that you insure your equipment for the value needed to replace with the newer model. An example of this would be if you currently own a DJI Inspire 1, we advise that you insure it for the value of the Inspire 2.

If you have any further queries about insuring your equipment correctly, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team. Alternatively, you can get a quote within seconds via our UK online customer management system or EU online management system.