Which Is The Best Drone Insurance To Choose During The Coronavirus Lockdown?

It is fantastic to see throughout the industry that drones are helping to tackle the current pandemic, COVID-19, across the world. We are pleased to confirm that any drone activity such as emergency work, deliveries, or medical assistance (just a few examples that we have seen within the news), are all covered as standard on our commercial policy. Therefore, there is no need for referrals or special authorisation which would usually slow down the pace in which a pilot can conduct a flight.

Annual Policies vs Short Term Policies

Coverdrone offer flexible policies which are designed to meet both commercial and recreational users differing demands. Clients can select cover as required to suit their specific requirements, whether this be a short term or annual policy.

The question that needs to be asked is: Which is the best policy for you?

Below we discuss the benefits of both our short term and annual policies…

Short Term Benefits

Our ‘short-term’ policies allow you to purchase insurance cover for between one day and six months which have differing benefits dependent upon if you are a commercial or recreational user.


  • It is easier to factor the cost of insurance into individual contracts.
  • If you drone is of a lower value, you may not mind that the equipment would not be covered throughout the year.
  • Suitable for infrequent operators who may, just as an example, may not use their drone as their full-time job.
  • If you are operating a seasonal business.


Suitable for infrequent flyers who may, just as an example, only fly their drone whilst on holiday.

Annual Benefits

Our annual policies have the same cover features as our short-term policies, however, offers the most cost-effective solutions for more frequent users.


  • If an impromptu work opportunity occurs, you will have peace of mind that you have the correct legal insurance requirements already in place.
  • As we remind you when your renewal is due, you will never forget to have insurance in place.
  • Full policy cover is in force whether you are flying your drone, transporting it to and from location or safely storing it throughout the year.


Full policy cover is in force whether you are flying your drone, transporting it to and from location or safely storing it throughout the year. Don’t forget – the majority of home insurance policies do not cover your drone!

Which is best for you?


If you are a commercial user and are flying more than fifteen days per year, then we highly recommend that an annual policy is considered for the most economical solution.


For a recreational user, you may wish to consider an annual policy if you are flying more than seven days per year.


Within the current unfortunate economic situation, if pilots choose to conduct any training flights during their daily exercise allowance, both our short term and annual policies will cover this type of activity. As always, we ask that pilots conduct all flights safely and legally with the consideration of others.

All our policies are fully adjustable throughout the policy term via your online account which is available 24/7 or by contacting a member of our team. If you wish to purchase either a short term or annual policy, please click hereregister via our Flysafe App or call a member of our team!