Adding Hired In Equipment To Your Coverdrone Policy

You may be wondering, ‘Can I add hired in or loan equipment to my policy?’.

The good news is, yes you can!

Something you may not know is that at Coverdrone you can insure any hired in or non-owned equipment that you have for your own use.

We will automatically cover this for airborne or ground cover. The hired-in equipment is insured on an all-risks basis, the same as the rest of your own equipment on your current Coverdrone insurance policy.

This can simply be completed online by logging into your online Coverdrone account and entering the value of the hired-in equipment into the ‘non-owned’ equipment section:

Hired In Equipment

Just remember to add the hirer’s email address into the section! As we will send an email out to your third-party hirer to confirm that you have the correct cover in place and it’s safe to release the equipment to you.

Continuing hire charges

Once you have completed the ‘Hired-In (Non-owned) Equipment’ section, the final question asks about continuing hire charges. Within the policy, we will give you £10,000 of continuing hire charges. This will cover additional hiring charges you may incur if something were to happen with the equipment.

Our Hired-in section can be taken on a short-term basis or annual policyholders with Coverdrone have the option to add on the hired-in equipment as a permanent addition.

If you have any further questions and require any additional information, contact a member of our friendly Coverdrone team today and they will be happy to discuss your options.