How commercial drones could benefit the UK by 2030

The Government has recently published an ambition statement on how they intend to work with the drone sector to make commercial drone usage commonplace in the UK by 2030.

In their statement, they share their vision that “by 2030 commercial drones will be commonplace
in the UK in a way that safely benefits the economy and wider society. Drones
will deliver new capabilities, boost productivity and reduce emissions and risk to life, while sharing airspace equitably and safely with other users.”

But how do they predict commercial drones could benefit the UK by 2030?

These figures assume the ‘best-case’ adoption predictions of commercial drones.

They believe the largest commercial drone benefits will come from two key areas:

  1. Visual surveys and inspections – where drones are used in construction, housing, infrastructure, agriculture and the emergency services across the UK.
  2. Delivery – helping o connect and service remote areas of the country and building new business models.


Potential annual cost savings from drone adoption in 2030

You can read more about the Government’s ambition statement here.