How To: Prevent Drone Flyaways

Drone flyaway incidents unfortunately do happen to some drone pilots. According to users’ flight data, the vast majority of flyway’s are caused by several common pilot errors… Obviously, nobody wants to be caught up in a flyaway incident! So, Coverdrone have brought together a selection of top tips that can… Read More

Get To Know: Coverdrone Claims Department 2021

Coverdrone have always taken great pride in customer service, especially when it comes down to our claims service. We dedicate ourselves to provide a first class and fast claims service with a 48-hour turnaround from notification to final settlement. This is of course is only possible as long as you… Read More

Coverdrone’s Top 10 Instagram Pictures Of 2021!

What a year is has been for drone photography! As the year draws to a close and we enter the final month of 2021, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share with you ten of our favourite Instagram pictures that featured as the #picoftheday on our Coverdrone… Read More

Get To Know: Short-Term Policies

At Coverdrone, we offer flexible policies tailored to meet the demands of both commercial drone and recreational drone operators. The option of a short-term drone insurance product has proved a popular option as many drone pilots have used our short-term policy on a regular basis. What is a short-term drone… Read More

Why You Should Look Beyond the Cost of Drone Insurance

When purchasing drone insurance, we understand that the price is pivotal to your business as it is crucial to consider all financial outgoings. However, it is essential that you balance the cost against risk and consider the quality of the policy that you are purchasing. Every business must keep a… Read More

Ensure You Fly Safely As A Commercial Operator

At Coverdrone, we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are operating safely and legally. However, there are still some commercial drone operators out there who are still operating their drones without the relevant, mandatory qualifications. From an insurance perspective, our policy is written on the same basis… Read More

5 Top Tips for Flying Your Drone Over Water

Did you know that ‘About 71% of the Earth is water-covered’ ? There is no doubt that the wonder of water is incredible and mesmerising in its many forms (oceans, waterfalls and rivers for example). However, it can be extremely hazardous to drone operators. We understand that the prospect… Read More

Feature: Stellar Lights (Global Unmanned Systems)

It is an exciting time for the entertainment industry as we see a steadily increasing number of drone shows making their debut across the world. It’s something relatively new, innovative, creative and exciting! Even though drone light shows can be seen as entertainment, they are an extremely clever way to… Read More

Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) with UAV Hub

What exactly is BVLOS? We can guarantee that you have probably heard the term ‘BVLOS’ floating around in the drone industry, but you may not be too familiar with it… BVLOS stands for ‘Beyond Visual Line of Sight’, specifically meaning drones that operate quite literally at distances well beyond the… Read More

In Conversation With DARe-3D

Here at Coverdrone, we take great pride in our partnerships. We thought we would get in touch with our new partners at DARe-3D to find out more about them and how you can benefit from our partnership together.  Who are we both and what makes us unique? DARe-3D “We are… Read More

DJI Mavic 3 Has Arrived!

Finally, the wait is over… The DJI Mavic 3 is here! The brand-new launch for DJI’s latest flagship drone was announced on the 4th November 2021. This was the final release of a triple launch over the past few weeks which included the DJI Ronin 4D on 20th October DJI’s… Read More

5 Top Tips For Flying Your Drone In The Colder Months

The colder months are creeping in… It’s time to wrap up warm and protect your drone as you head outdoors to operate. Rain, snow, and freezing temperatures are quickly approaching us! During autumn and winter, it is more important than ever to take caution when flying your drone as these weather… Read More