Adding an additional insured to your policy

At Coverdrone, it’s our aim to offer a value for money and flexible insurance product for drone users that is easy to purchase, provides real peace of mind and protection should anything happen, and is underpinned by helpful, friendly and expert support at every step.

Taking your feedback on board

We always listen to our customers and carefully consider your feedback on what we can do to make it easier for you to purchase drone insurance through us.

For our commercial customers, we know that it’s quite common for you to receive requests to add an additional insured to your policy to ensure your clients are also protected in the event of a liability claim.

Adding an additional insured to your policy

Effective immediately, you are now able to add an additional insured to your policy quickly and easily online.

When completing a new quote, you will see a new section for ‘Additional Insureds’:

Simply select ‘Yes’ and a new box will appear. Select the number of additional insureds required and add their name into the text boxes provided.

You will then need to read and tick the declaration and click ‘save and exit’. You can then continue to complete your quote as normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

An additional insured is a person or business that you need to be covered by your insurance policy in addition to you.

It might be needed when there is a contractual obligation to provide insurance cover to the other party, such as a client/customer of yours that you are providing drone services to. By adding them as an additional insured, the other party would also be protected from liability claims arising from your operations.

Yes, these details will be added to your policy schedule.

No, you cannot use the additional insured option to cover other drone pilots who work for you or with you.

No, this also not permitted, unless it is specifically required within a contract for the provision of drone services carried out by yourselves.

Our system allows you to add up to 75 additional insureds. In the exceptional case where you may need to include more than this, please contact us.

Yes, absolutely! We are always looking at new ways to make it easier for our customers to purchase insurance through us. There are a number of changes being implemented over the coming months, based directly on your feedback and what you’ve told us you would like to see. Look out for future communications on these.   

Have a question?

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