Coverdrone Shortlisted for National Insurance Awards 2021

We are incredibly delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Specialist Coverage Award at the National Insurance Awards 2021!


The event is being held at The Waldorf Hilton in London on the 14th of July. It is supported by the Chartered Insurance Institute, brought to you by Insurance Today and in partnership with CIR (Continuity Insurance & Risk).

The awards ceremony acknowledges and rewards specialists from companies large and small, it is a showcase for excellence. There are three categories: Commercial Lines, Personal Lines and Open. Our nomination falls within the open category.

Coverdrone was founded in 2013. We are a specialist drone insurance provider, based in Cheshire. The first drone insurer to the UK market, we are now the industry leader in commercial drone insurance whilst at the same time providing an insurance solution for recreational operators.

We were successful in expanding our business in 2015 to territories beyond the UK, including but not limited to: Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

FlySafe launched in 2017. This free app is in collaboration with Altitude Angel, an aviation technology company which creates global-scale solutions to enable the safe integration and use of fully autonomous drones into global airspace. FlySafe is designed to help drone pilots plan and conduct their drone flights quicker and safer than before from the palm of their hands. For more information about FlySafe, or to download the app, click here. 

We introduced our recreational insurance product in 2018. This policy designed purely for the hobbyist market has most of the premium features already enjoyed by our commercial customers.

The setup of our European Operations was finalised in 2020, enabling Coverdrone to cater for new and existing EU clients Post-Brexit. Coverdrone EU B.V. is registered in the Netherlands and fully authorised by the AFM (Authority for the Financial Markets).

We believe we are involved in making the drone industry better with a world class policy and service which in turn makes it possible for the drone operators to provide their services to the drone market.

The development and successful continued enhancements at Coverdrone have enabled us to deliver and exceptional much needed service within the drone industry. We provide our clients with confidence to operate their drones legally and with excellent flexibility of cover. We continue to develop Coverdrone to support the ever-changing drone industry.

We have invested heavily into our IT and online management system which is available to all UK & European markets and available via Our clients can easily manage their policy whenever and wherever they are. The online management system is perfect for a drone operators busy schedule and our simple quote system allows a quote to be processed within a matter of seconds. Servicing all time zones efficiently is supported by the online portal as they help to assist our agents around the world selling our drone insurance policies 24/7.

We are grateful to be shortlisted for the Specialist Coverage Award and look forward to attending the National Insurance Awards this upcoming July.