Coverdrone’s Free Flight Examination Cover

Did you know that we offer a free, one day, flight examination policy?

A new feature, that we introduced last year, is our free flight training cover for clients going through any flight examination with any NQE within the UK. Once registered with Coverdrone, clients are able to obtain a free flight examination policy for either themselves or anybody that may be training within their business.

Key Features Of Our Free Flight Examination Cover

  • Free Liability Cover
  • £1 Million Cover As Standard
  • Option To Obtain A Further Free Day(s) Cover If Required
  • Available to Obtain Online
  • Documents Available Instantly

How To Obtain Your Free Flight Examination Policy

To obtain a policy, please visit the ‘Get A Quote’ section of our website and select the option titled ‘Coverdrone’. You will need to select that you are a commercial operator in order for the option to select ‘free one day flight examination cover’ to appear.

If you have any questions in regards to the policy, please get in touch with a member of our team.