Overview of the Drone User Study 2022 results

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the recent Drone User Study 2022 survey and the part they have each played in giving us a holistic view of the drone industry today.

Here we outline some of the key findings from the Drone User Study 2022, as well as using to opportunity to share the wider survey results.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Drone User Study is a survey open to drone operators. Its purpose is to gain a greater and more in-depth understanding of the needs of drone operators worldwide, determine how operators currently use their drones, and give them the opportunity to share their collective views on the future of the drone industry.

We received an overwhelming response and support from the drone user community, with over 3,700 individual responses recorded from across the globe.

All drone users, regardless of whether they were a current Coverdrone customer or not, were invited to participate in the study. The only restriction was that they needed to be a drone user to take part.

With the drone industry evolving and growing at such a rapid rate, the invaluable insight we gain from the Drone User Study results allows us to really get to the heart of how operators are currently using their drones and gives us the opportunity to evaluate drone operators’ existing and emerging needs alongside our own product offering to ensure our products and services continue to meet those needs. We will also be proactively sharing the results with our industry peers.

Coverdrone has, and always will, be committed to working in the best interests of our customers and the wider drone industry. We firmly believe the more people who truly understand the needs and wants of drone operators, the better!

Absolutely! The intention is to use these initial results as a benchmark and then re-run the Drone User Study on an annual basis going forward to explore how drone usage and the needs of drone operators evolve over time.

Drone User Study 2022 Results

Below are some of the key headline findings taken from the Drone User Study 2022 results.

Any statistics provided above are based on the responses from the Drone User Study 2022 only.

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