Quickshot Challenge Winner

Coverdrone recently teamed up with YouTuber, GAVINHR, to give you the chance to win a DJI Mini 4 Pro with RCN2 controller by taking part in the ‘Quickshot Challenge’.

The ‘Quickshot Challenge’ was designed to give you the perfect opportunity to master the quickshot setting on your drone, in turn further honing your manual flying skills, practice your editing videos and showcase your work.

How it worked:

  • Select an interesting target to film. You can choose whatever target you wish.
  • Record the quickshot, using one of the pre-built quickshot settings on your drone.
  • Then, switching to manual flying mode, try to replicate the quickshot.
  • Create a video showing both recordings (the quickshot and your attempt when flying manually). These can either be shown side-by-side (split screen) or one after the other – the choice is yours!
  • Upload your video to YouTube, including the hashtag #GAVINHRQUICKSHOTCHALLENGE somewhere in the video title.

We’d like to thank every person who took part in this fantastic challenge. There were some amazing entries which made the judging incredibly difficult – we’re certainly glad we left the final decision to Gavin!

Check out GAVINHR’s YouTube video below where he announces the very worthy winner: