ROV Insurance FAQ's

Answers to common questions

What Is Marine Equipment?

ROVs, AUVs and similar marine equipment are used to carry out inspection and physical tasks underwater, often at considerable depth, plus the control and other equipment that remain topside. As well as exploration and production, equipment is also used for the commissioning and decommissioning of platforms and other production infrastructure. And marine equipment is increasingly being used in a variety of maritime tasks unrelated to the oil and gas industry.

What Is Insured?

  • Physical loss of or damage to your equipment
  • Hired in equipment, if shown in the policy schedule
  • Latent defect in equipment whilst equipment is operating in water
  • Negligence of masters, crew, pilots and equipment operators whilst equipment is operating in water
  • Employees’ tools and equipment
  • Removal of wreck
  • Sue and labour including search and recovery costs

What Is Not Insured?


  • Your own wilful misconduct
  • Confiscation by any Government or Public or Local Authority
  • Consequential loss including loss of data
  • Loss, damage or expense caused by delay, loss of use or loss of market
  • Loss or damage that does not result from a sudden identifiable and unintended or unforeseen external fortuitous cause
  • Loss or damage due to absence, shortage or withholding of labour
  • Loss or damage caused by war risks other than whilst the goods are at sea or in the air

Whilst Operational:

  • Equipment whilst downhole, in pipe or pipeline
  • Equipment being towed on barges or pontoons
  • Breakdown of equipment
  • Loss or damage to the equipment if operated outside the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Loss or damage to the equipment if installed, operated and maintained by personnel who are not competent, suitably trained or authorised

If storage outside of the ordinary course of transit is insured:

  • Theft, unless following forcible and violent entry into or exit from the storage location
  • Loss or damage caused by terrorism in excess of GBP 100,000

Are There Any Restrictions On Cover?

  • The policy will contain an Excess or Deductible – being the part of a claim you are responsible for
  • The policy will contain financial limits on the maximum values we insure
  • The policy includes a schedule which lists countries where an additional premium in respect of war and strikes risks may be payable
  • When the equipment is at an operational site all reasonable safety and security precautions must be taken and all security devices available to you must be operational when the site is unattended
  • Your policy may contain other restrictions, for example where your own vehicles must be parked overnight – please refer to your policy documentation

Where Am I Covered?

Your equipment is usually covered worldwide, any variation of this will be shown in the policy.

What Are My Obligations?

  • You must provide us with honest, accurate and complete information – whether you are taking out, renewing or making changes to your policy.
  • You must observe and fulfil the terms and conditions of your policy as failure to do so could affect your cover.
  • You must pay the premium.
  • You should inform us without delay of any material changes to your risk. If you do not inform us about a change it may affect any claim, you make or could result in your insurance being invalid. Following a change, we may need to apply additional terms and conditions, which you must observe, or require you to pay an additional premium. You may also need to take action, if so, we will advise you.
  • In the event of a claim, we must be notified as soon as possible, and you should contact your insurance broker or any nominated claims handling company. You should take all reasonable steps to minimise the loss and ensure that all responsible parties (for example the carrier) are held liable for the loss or damage.

When Does the Cover Start and End?

Typically, the policy is for a period of 12 months commencing on the date stated in the policy schedule.