Coverdrone Drone Photography Competition

Share your favourite drone image on social for the chance to win an Amazon Gift Card worth £250! Are you passionate about drone photography? Do you enjoy capturing stunning aerial images that highlight the beauty of the world from above? Whether you are a drone photography enthusiast or a professional… Read More

The UTM ecosystem and drones

PwC Drone Powered Solutions has released their ‘Strategic Insights for Thriving in the Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Ecosystem’ report, which focuses on the UTM ecosystem and its role in enabling the drone sector.ARPAS-UK, the not-for-profit trade association for the UK drone industry, has provided the following summary of the report:Challenges… Read More

Coverdrone partners with Travelers

Coverdrone partners with Travelers to increase drone insurance capacity Coverdrone has partnered with Travelers to further boost its underwriting capacity, providing the drone insurance market leader and its broker partners with a broadened proposition to support even more clients in the drone insurance space going forward.With adoption of drone usage… Read More

7 Questions to ask when buying drone insurance

When you get a new drone, the last thing you want to think about is how you would replace it and any additional equipment if they ended up lost or damaged. But it’s worth considering the benefits of having a drone insurance policy, so you have complete peace of mind… Read More

How drones support search and rescue missions

During search and rescue operations, every second counts. And today, drones are playing an increasingly vital role in supporting missions all across the world to help save the lives of those in distress. In fact, according to DJI’s Drone Rescue Map, over 1000 people have reportedly been rescued as… Read More

7 tips to avoid a drone bird strike

Birds have occupied our skies long before the invention of drones. Many people assume a bird strike is uncommon, yet according to our 2023 claims data, bird strikes were actually the fifth most common reason for a drone insurance claim last year.A bird strike occurs when a drone collides with… Read More

Updating your card details online

At Coverdrone, it’s our aim to offer a valuable and flexible insurance product for drone operators that is easy to purchase, provides real peace of mind and protection should something happen, and is underpinned by helpful, friendly and expert support at every step.Following recent further investment into our systems, updating… Read More

10 Tips For Preventing Drone Crashes

When it comes to flying a drone, there are some factors that are inevitably out of your hands which could result in you crashing your drone. However, there are some factors that can be easily avoided. That’s if you are aware of them.Below we have outlined ten tips on how… Read More

Drone use in the construction industry

From initial surveys to ongoing project management and post-construction analysis, drones have revolutionised the way construction projects are both planned and executed. In this latest blog, we explore some of the ways drones are currently being utilised to support the construction industry. Aerial surveys Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and… Read More

FlySafe app now available in Dutch and Spanish

Exciting news for drone operators in The Netherlands and Spain. We’re pleased to announce that the FlySafe app is now available in Dutch and Spanish. Now, when planning drone operations with FlySafe, it will seamlessly detect your region and adjust to your default language preferences. If you’re in… Read More

Common questions about our products

We understand that you may have lots of questions when choosing the right drone insurance policy for you to make sure it fully meets your requirements and expectations.So, we asked our Support Team to give answers to the most common questions they receive from our customers about our products and… Read More

What type of drone user are you?

When getting a quote for a drone insurance policy, the first question you’ll need to ask yourself is what type of drone operator you are.You can either purchase recreational drone insurance (sometimes referred to as ‘hobby’ drone insurance) or commercial drone insurance and it’s important to understand the difference between… Read More