Drone Deliveries Saving Lives And So Much More

In the recent years, we have seen how drones are fit for delivery purposes. Medical emergency service drones have been deployed to deliver vaccines and PPE in the response of the Covid-19 Pandemic to remote locations such as the Scottish Highlands and India. The NHS have also used drones in a trial for the delivery of medical supplies to the Isle of Wight earlier this March.

Drones have even been used by an Irish drone start-up business to deliver ‘morning coffees’, ‘evening takeaways’  and ‘Covid-19 test kits’ to a small village in Ireland this year!

Did you know that this year, a drone has saved somebody’s life?

At the end of September 2021, a drone delivered a human lung that was used for a lung transplant that saved the life of a 63-year-old man who had been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis.

This monumental delivery took place in Canada. The flight of course did require the approval from health and civil air navigation authorities. The lifesaving lung carrying drone delivery took less than 10 minutes to take off from Toronto Western Hospital on the city’s west side to the roof of the downtown Toronto General Hospital flying 1.2 kilometres.

Upon reaching the final destination on Toronto’s General Hospital rooftop, a surgical team collected the delivery that resulted in a successful completion of the lung transplant!

The engineers and doctors involved are calling this a ‘world first’.

What do drone deliveries have in store for the future?

We can’t pinpoint exactly what is going to happen with drone deliveries and their use across the world in the near future. However, it is quite clear that they can have a positive impact due to their quick, efficient nature delivering the likes of medical supplies and lifesaving organs! This is evident by the increasing number of drone delivery trials taking place globally. For example, delivering post to one of the most remote Orkney islands to reduce carbon emissions is one of the most recent trials that drones are participating in! We look forward to seeing how drone deliveries continue to progress!

We offer drone insurance for recreational and commercial operators; this includes those operators who work within the emergency services sector and so much more! If you have any queries about our products or have a story to share how you have used your drone for delivery purposes, get in touch today with a member of our team. We’d love to hear from you!