Useful companies and organisations

Industry Links

We have included a selection of links to third party organisations that we feel will be useful to drone operators.

Training Centres

If you are looking for training on drones then below you can find a list of useful sites we think you might find beneficial:

AviaEduc is a professional and competent course provider within aviation. We meet the needs and wishes of the customer – even if they are special. We deliver a proven online concept – via a “Learning Management Setup” (LMS) for distance learning, which allows you to study regardless of time and place. Our learning concept has its basis from aviation where it has and is still used for recurrent training, initial courses, type rating m.m. for Pilots, Cabin Crew and Ground Personnel. Our “Crew” all have a previous Aviation background.


If you need help in choosing the right drone or are in the market to find out more the links below might be helpful:

Dickens is the official DJI distributor for Malta and leading drone organisation on the island, both consumer and enterprise drones. Since 1973, Dickens has been a trusted source or products and after-sales service. 

PDM is a large modelling shop located in Acquaviva delle Fonti (Ba) in southern Italy. In 20,000 square meters there is a large model car track and a school for drone pilots recognized by the National Authority. PDM issue an A2 Certificate after delivering a course with their instructors. They are also suppliers to the public administration – many universities and armed forces use them. PDM follow their pilots and update them constantly on the changes and regulations of the UAV sector. PDM sell model cars and drones and provide specialized technical assistance. The CEO of PDM is Antonio Pietroforte Flight Instructor.



Below you’ll find a list of our associated partners within the drone industry:

DroneClub is a platform that brings together experienced drone pilots with clients. Drone Pilots can sign up and complete a profile to showcase their previous work and skill-set. Clients can signup and post their job requirements on the platform and then invite pilots via their profiles to send in their proposals for the job, or they can wait for our automated matching system to alert pilots that a new job has been posted. Clients can then effortlessly compare proposals and award the job. Job invoicing, contracts and asset delivery is all handled via the droneclub platform, so giving both the client and pilots a way to manage their jobs. DroneClub has many more features, so why not signup now to find out more. 


DroneDanmark is Denmarks biggest association for drone developers, providers, buyers and operators. In association with the Danish Chamber of Commerce, DroneDenmark works to improve the conditions for drones all around the country and make Denmark the best place for innovative transport and technology.

Drone Rescue Systems is one of the leading drone parachute companies in the world and was awarded by the European Space Agency with the ESNC-Award. Their mission is for you as clients to fly safely and to protect bystanders on the ground, your drone and expensive equipment from severe damages. The company, that is based in Austria, is proud to be the first company that a.o. successfully passed the ASTM-F3322-18 standard for the DJI-M600 in order for customers to receive BVLOS waivers in the US and Canada. Parachute solutions can help you win safety for your drone mission and in some cases to receive flying permissions.

Droneklubben is the online community for you who enjoy technology connected to drones / unmanned aircraft. Our purpose is to connect people and expertise together in a safe and inclusive atmosphere. Explore your skills and find the range of opportunities that can bring you and your ideas further into a global business world. Droneklubben is Norways biggest drone-club. 

Information has been provided by the relevant body or organisation and we recommend that you contact them to clarify their services further.

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