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Industry Links

We have included a selection of links to third party organisations that we feel will be useful to drone operators.

Training Centres

If you are looking for training on drones then below you can find a list of useful sites we think you might find beneficial:



If you need help in choosing the right drone or are in the market to find out more the links below might be helpful:

Dickens is the official DJI distributor for Malta and leading drone organisation on the island, both consumer and enterprise drones. Since 1973, Dickens has been a trusted source or products and after-sales service. 


Below you’ll find a list of our associated partners within the drone industry:

DroneClub is a platform that brings together experienced drone pilots with clients. Drone Pilots can sign up and complete a profile to showcase their previous work and skill-set. Clients can signup and post their job requirements on the platform and then invite pilots via their profiles to send in their proposals for the job, or they can wait for our automated matching system to alert pilots that a new job has been posted. Clients can then effortlessly compare proposals and award the job. Job invoicing, contracts and asset delivery is all handled via the droneclub platform, so giving both the client and pilots a way to manage their jobs. DroneClub has many more features, so why not signup now to find out more. 


Information has been provided by the relevant body or organisation and we recommend that you contact them to clarify their services further.

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