Coverdrone Flying The European Flag

UK politics changes almost daily since the dramatic vote to quit the EU, but the drone industry has also been moving at an incredible pace this year. Thankfully, those who fly unmanned aircraft through our busy skies are probably more predictable than those operating in the Westminster bubble.

Moving forward, there may yet be further twists and turns if and when the United Kingdom formally withdraws from the European Union. Commercial drone operators will wonder whether their policies will need to be altered, or whether flying in certain areas will still be covered.

How Does The EU Referendum Affect Unmanned Aircraft Polices In And Around Mainland Europe?

The whole information overload associated with the referendum has probably left people more confused than ever. Put simply, nothing has changed yet. Coverdrone policies are fully compliant with EU regulations. You are still fully covered!

The advice about operating in specific countries also remains the same: check your policy document to make sure that where you intend to fly is included, and not on the excluded list. Even then we are always happy to chat about your options.

One thing is guaranteed: Coverdrone will keep you updated should anything affect how you are insured. The risks associated with commercial drones are considerable, so giving our customers peace of mind that potential damage and/or liability issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently is top of our list of priorities.

In Great Britain the increasing use of private drones has been steady, but commercial operations have boomed.

These are exciting times, especially when new sectors emerge as companies, organisations and governments realise the incredible benefits of aerial surveillance and photography. The drone industry is helping to provide more jobs for the country.

As drone numbers increase it’s essential that commercial operators have confidence in the support they are offered should their craft become grounded, for whatever reason. So Coverdrone continues to take pride in the fact that we offer worldwide cover, and replace damaged equipment like-for- like – quickly!

Whatever the political roller-coaster throws up over the next few years you can be sure that Coverdrone will keep you flying. Unlike many of the dubious claims and counter claims that accompanied the EU referendum campaign, we have built our reputation on straight talking and understanding what our customers really need.

If you have any questions about our policies there is a handy “Frequently Asked Questions” section on the website.

Otherwise, contact us and talk to one of our representatives.