Wingtra announce new WingtraOne GEN II

Earlier this August (2021), Switzerland based VTOL drone producer Wingtra announced their latest addition to the Wingtra drone models, the WingtraOne GEN II! Coverdrone have been in partnership with Wingtra since March 2020.

What does VTOL mean?

What is the WingtraOne GEN II?

Wingtra’s product manager Julian Surber hosted an online in-depth drone reveal webinar which Coverdrone attended to find out more about the latest Wingtra model on the market.

The brand-new mapping WingtraOne GEN II has been six years in the making and undergone ‘100,000’ flights before it’s launch. Additionally, Wingtra say that the WingtraOne GEN II features the most advanced reliability in surveying drones. The new model has been designed to land gently so that it minimises damage to the drone. Predictive maintenance of the drone provides drone operators with peace of mind that they are not flying with unsafe equipment.

Wingtra describe their new drone to be the ‘Key to maximizing drone uptime, boosting your productivity and ensuring you delivery consistently’.

Both the new WingtraOne GEN II and WingtraOne are optimised to fly in high, unpredictable winds. Julian Surber said: “Even if you have very strong winds, you can count on this system”.


What is included in the WingtraOne GEN II bundle?

  • 1x WingtraOne drone
  • 1x carrying sleeve
  • 1x carrying case for accessories (pilot box)
  • 1x tablet including flight planning software WingtraPilot
  • 1x telemetry module (2.4 Ghz)
  • 2x pairs of batteries
  • 1x charging station
  • 1x anemometer
  • 1x SD card adapter
  • 1x micro SD card reader
  • 1x pair of side stands
  • 1x middle stand
  • 1x Torx screw driver T10
  • 1x Torx T10 key

More information about the new WingtraOne GEN II can be found on their website.

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