Drone Insurance to Cover All Scenarios

Not all drone insurance cover is the same. When choosing how much cover, or what type to purchase, it can be a big decision, especially when balancing cost against risk.

Every business must keep a watchful eye on their outgoings, so getting a good deal is essential, but buying the wrong cover or not insuring correctly can also prove to be false economy.

The obvious consideration is to make sure you have cover in-flight. Most operators would be aware of this, but it’s also important to properly consider the risk when in transit and during storage.

Does Your UAV Policy Cover All Your Drones At The Same Time?

Many operators now own multiple drones and valuable associated equipment, such as cameras. Coverdrone has experienced an increase in thefts of this kit. These are attractive items, and not insuring the true replacement value (or by cherry picking the equipment you do insure) can make a total loss claim very expensive.

The Coverdrone ethos is simple: offer affordable, flexible and bespoke drone insurance that covers commercial UAV operators at all times, to include every piece of drone equipment on a true replacement basis.

Giving customers the ultimate peace of mind has always been very important to everyone at Coverdrone insurance. Claims are handled quickly and professionally, and customers are always given the best advice to make sure that vital drone products are properly covered.

Hi-Tech Commercial Drones

The pace of technological change in the UAV industry is staggering. With advances in the complexity and capability of drone machines comes a rapid rise in value. For many commercial operators, with two, three or more small and medium sized aircraft, that could mean tens of thousands of pounds invested in valuable equipment.

When the worst case scenario becomes reality, a drone business needs to know that it will have drones, cameras and other equipment replaced quickly to ensure that client obligations can be fulfilled.

Don’t Cut Corners on Drone Cover

The aim of UAV insurance is to make sure that commercial flyers, their drone kit, and crucially the public are properly covered in the event of an accident. Whether that’s a liability issue, damage or personal injury, there needs to be a satisfactory solution for all concerned.

Cutting corners on drone insurance can never pay dividends in the long term. Some choose to cover the highest value drones just in flight. That might seem an obvious solution as most people only fly one aircraft at any given time. That might provide a lower premium, but what happens if other equipment is damaged or stolen? Are those items covered?

Imagine having £15,000 of UAV kit stored in business premises or at home. A fire, flood or theft makes every piece of equipment unusable. If the drone policy offers cover for the highest value aircraft, that could mean losing items worth many thousands of pounds.

Comprehensive Business Drone Insurance

Drone insurance should be flexible, but it should be comprehensive. No matter what security measures are taken, equipment is unfortunately sometimes stolen. During transit, en route to an important client project, accidental damage to drone kit can happen.

Coverdrone has a team of insurance experts ready to help guide commercial drone operators through the insurance minefield. It doesn’t have to be confusing, and we aim to get you properly covered so that you can run your UAV business safe in the knowledge that the kit you need to complete client jobs is fully insured. For further assistance, please contact a member of the team.