CAA Removes Requirement For PfCO Insurance Documentation

On 26th June 2019, the CAA confirmed that they have changed their online application form by removing the requirement for PfCO applications to include any insurance documentation. However, commercial pilots are still legally required to obtain insurance in the same way as stated in the Civil Aviation (Insurance) Regulations and EC Regulation 785/2004 and will have to self-declare upon application that insurance is in place. If audited, applicants will be required to present evidence of compliant insurance for the appropriate flights that they have taken i.e. their insurance certificate.

Furthermore, drone pilots may also face a £124 fine if their application or renewal for PfCO submission is not up to standard. If the application appears to show no attempt that the pilot has aimed to keep up to date with latest drone legislations and has three or more mistakes, it will be rejected and face the financial fee.

The CAA have said that they have introduced this fine due to a number of PfCO holders using the process as a consultancy service for their renewal instead of an application service. It currently puts on hold 50% of all applications, with the majority being renewals, for various reasons such as the name stated on the Operations Manual not matching the application form. The Aviation Authority have said that, ahead of introducing the rejection fee, it is currently amending the existing online form to help assist applicants.

We Are Always Happy To Help

Here at Coverdrone, we are always happy to assist wherever possible. Upon our free registration process, commercial pilots will continue to be automatically issued with the Aviation Authority insurance form. This enables pilots to ensure that they have full documentation to hand if checked during a CAA audit. We are also always happy to make any amendments to your policy once purchased, such as name changes. Alternatively, clients can easily log into their account and quickly make the change themselves.

Coverdrone also offer a 30-day training & flight test policy which can be utilised whilst pilots are awaiting their application to be authorised. Once training is complete, if clients choose to take out an annual policy with ourselves, they are issued a full refund for the cost of a training & flight test policy.

We also offer a free flight examination policy for any pilot going through a flight examination with any NQE within the UK. Once registered, clients are able to obtain a free flight examination policy, liability only, for either themselves or anybody that may be training within their business.

If you have any questions in regards to the removal of insurance documentation for PfCO applications or any of the policies mentioned above, please contact a member of our team.