Coverdrone Launch Bespoke ROV Insurance

We are extremely excited to announce that today we are launching our newest product – bespoke marine equipment insurance, covering remotely operated (ROV) and autonomous underwater (AUV) equipment!

Our cover is unique as many other types of insurance can offer marine equipment insurance; however, the majority will exclude equipment whilst being tested, worked upon and whilst in use in water. We can also insure similar equipment that is used within the marine equipment market which can include renewable energy devices, as well as equipment typically used by the oil and gas industry on platforms or onshore.

Your equipment is covered worldwide, and the policy is for a period of twelve months.

What Is Marine Equipment?

ROVs, AUVs and similar marine equipment are used to carry out inspection and physical tasks underwater, often at considerable depth, plus the control and other equipment that remain topside. As well as exploration and production, equipment is also used for the commissioning and decommissioning of platforms and other production infrastructure. Marine equipment is increasingly being used in a variety of maritime tasks unrelated to the oil and gas industry.

What Do We Insure?

  • Physical Loss Of Or Damage To Your Equipment
  • Hired In Equipment
  • Latent Defect In Equipment Whilst Equipment Is Operating In Water
  • Negligence Of Masters, Crew, Pilots, And Equipment Operators Whilst Equipment Is Operating In Water
  • Employees’ Tools And Equipment
  • Removal Of Wreck
  • Sue And Labour Search And Recovery Costs

To obtain your quote, or if you need any further help, simply give our support team a call or complete our ROV product enquiry form to get started.