Coverdrone Introduce 30-Day Training Policy Cover

Flying commercial drones is exciting and rewarding. When you start out, you will need the right insurance cover before you take to the skies.
The main barrier to any new business is often the set-up costs. That’s why Coverdrone is offering its latest industry-leading policy to give you the cover you need while you gain the experience and qualifications required to succeed in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) environment.

Coverdrone offers bespoke and affordable packages to suit every commercial flying requirement. That includes the training phase when you are working towards practical flight assessment, and achieving the all-important permission to fly from the national aviation authority. We now offer an unrivalled 30-day policy for just £44.80, and that covers your equipment and public liability. This covers your drone and other items of kit before you take your test, while you are training and when you are transporting your drone.

No other insurer provides comparable cover. In fact, most offer single-day cover only. That means with Coverdrone you don’t have to worry about training days and test dates being changed. You have a full 30-day period of cover.

Coverdrone goes a step further. As well as providing equipment and liability cover for thirty days, the £44.80 policy fee is fully refunded when you complete your training and take out one of our annual policies. We strive to build long-term relationships with all our customers, so from day one you are fully supported by one of Coverdrone’s trusted policies.

Flying training should be completed with an experienced instructor, and the Coverdrone experts can offer advice about where approved training centres can be found. For that and any further information about Coverdrone’s training policy cover, call us now.