Drone Safe Register Revolutionise Drone Operator Hiring Process

The Drone Industry is notorious for blurring the lines with regards to booking fees. One of our long standing partners, Drone Safe Register, has simplified the booking process, launching a brand new website with a fully comprehensive online-booking system for basic drone jobs.

With 5 years of industry experience, Drone Safe Regsiter™ has adopted a ‘user focused’ website that enables the public to easily navigate available services and even book basic drone jobs with fixed prices.

The new and improved website is LIVE as of today (the 4th March) and has been developed over the past 5 months with the key aim of simplifying the process of hiring a trained, safe and insured drone operator, something at the heart of Drone Safe Registers values.

Key Features

  • New indexed service options and information
  • Simplified structure for ease of use
  • Easier booking systems
  • Fixed price availability
  • Extended education-focused information on available services and increased member service accessibility

In addition to these features, Drone Safe Register™ has re-launched the new and improved Aerial Stock Library; with location search features, organised categories and reasonable stock prices for projects that require an aerial perspective to boost engagement but don’t have the time or budget for bespoke aerial data collection.

Drone Safe Register™ CEO and Founder, Mark Boyt, said: “We are delighted to finally be in the position to launch version 3 of the website and start taking a more interactive and engaging approach to promoting our network of skilled and experienced members aerial data retrieval services.”

Mark added:…” Not only are we in a unique position to educate customers about safe and legal drone services but we able to set a high standard industry-wide with the nation’s first online booking system for more basic drone jobs. We feel this move will revolutionise the way the drone industry is used by the general public for more basic drone services and will encourage the hire of trained, safe and insured professionals as opposed to unqualified individuals offering supposedly cheaper services.”

For further information, visit the Drone Safe Register‘s new website.