High Risk Property Cover For Drones

It’s been another busy week for Coverdrone, we’d like to welcome all of our new policy holders onboard. One of the things that we love is the specialist nature of our business, with commercial operators appreciating the broad cover that we give with our specialist drone insurance policies.

This week in particular we welcomed a client who needed high risk property cover to meet the needs of their business.

For those who may be unclear on what are high risk properties there’s a comprehensive list but typical uses may include oil or gas rigs, nuclear powerstations, chemical works, factories, steeples or chimneys, offshore installations, windfarms, underground applications and much more.

Click here to read our Core Coverdrone features and know that if you’re working in the UK or Europe we have you covered and can easily add in Worldwide cover for you and your business.

If you have any questions regarding insurance or commercial applications please just give us a call on 01270-252252.