Introducing Coverdrone’s new Marketing Manager: Jess Brown

As the UK’s leading provider of worldwide commercial drone insurance,  we have expanded our team via the appointment of our new Marketing Manager – Jess Brown. Jess, formerly employed at Bentley Motors Ltd, will join our team at Coverdrone who boast over ten years of experience in dealing with drone… Read More

Drones with artificial intelligence

The use of smartphones, the Internet of Things and better data connection speeds are opening up new opportunities for commercial drone operators. But how does artificial intelligence help drones? Read More

EU pushes new rules for drones

The daily Brexit debates continue, but Members of the European Parliament have backed a revision of aviation safety rules to ensure that the future use of drones is safe for everyone across Europe. Read More

Making the claim process easier for drone users

When the unthinkable happens and you or your drone are involved in an incident that requires a claim to be handled, it can be frustrating if you are kept waiting. Time is money. Coverdrone tries to make the process easy to follow…  Read More

Drone use increasing in construction

The widespread use of commercial drones across many industries is reported daily, but a recent study has found that UAV growth in the construction sector is accelerating fastest. Read More

Send in the insurance assessor drones

Sometimes just flying drones isn’t enough. Throw two experienced cinematographers into the mix and you get Echo Alfa, a dynamic combination that offers clients a creative aerial twist…  Read More

Can drones help to save the planet?

Drones, robots and machine learning are all about new thinking and innovative solutions, and small unmanned aerial vehicles are now helping to plant the forests of the future. Read More

New drone laws introduced

The UK government has introduced new laws for drone users aimed at increasing safety as the number of small unmanned aerial vehicles continues to increase.  Read More

Can drones fuel UK growth?

Drones now crop up in every walk of life. The opportunities to add value to existing services are increasing, and research from Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) suggests that the use of UAVs can help to boost the British economy by £42bn by 2030…    Read More

Coverdrone FlySafe App

Take a look at the Coverdrone FlySafe App that offers flexible UAV insurance to commercial and recreational drone operators…… Read More

Drone Safe Register promoting UAV best practice

The Drone Safe Register (DSR) is a community hub for commercial UAV operators. From drone loans and hardware deals, Coverdrone insurance discounts, and links to CAA-approved training - it’s all about promoting best practice for small unmanned aerial vehicles… Read More